Reasons Why Online Therapy Is Right for You


Telepsychology is a therapy psychologist deliver by telecommunication tools. Technology is contributing to an evolution in the psychology field in the manner people are receiving psychotherapy. Online therapy is a new technology that is allowing people to receive therapy from remote psychologists. This remote medical technology is hitting the market, and people are taking great interest in telepsychology. The following are reasons why you will need online therapy.

Reasons Why Online Therapy Is Right for You

Comfortable communication

Online therapy is opening up new ways to hold communications. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to visit your therapist. You can have a session with your therapist while in your pajamas, relaxing at your home balcony, or in your office. You have the freedom to address your issues since you don’t have to wait for weeks to visit your therapist at their offices. Your therapist will promptly respond to your issues. For the socially anxious, online therapy is beneficial as they don’t engage in a face-to-face conversation, which can induce anxiety.

Your therapy, your terms

Previously, you have to schedule when to visit your therapist. You will be required to commute to the therapist’s office, spending much time on the way due to traffics. In other instances, you have to work with your therapist’s schedule. However, online therapy is more convenient as you have the freedom to set your time and location. You can hold conversations with your therapist throughout the week, depending on the issues you want to be solved. You can choose to have video sessions with your therapist during the specific periods of your choice.

Unique to your needs

When selecting an online therapist, you need to get the right one for your situation. You may be able to provide information about the type of issues you’re experiencing and get matched up with a therapist who may be a good fit for you. A consultation will help guide you to get a therapist matching your needs. At this point, you get a licensed professional with whom you can begin working and see if it’s a good match. Therefore, you are assured of getting a therapist who is fit to help you through your issues professionally.

It is cost-effective

Insurance coverage for mental health is no longer in existence or limited. People with psychological issues need to dig deep into their pockets to pay for their normally expensive therapy sessions. However, online therapy costs are less as compared to insurance co-pay for sessions you attend every week. You are not entitled to incur any additional costs whatsoever.

Online therapy is confidential

The main mission of online therapy is to reduce stigma when people are seeking mental health solutions. In some communities, therapists use their offices as houses of gossip and judgment. When you begin online therapy, you may be able to use a nickname or pseudonym. This is to enable you to feel comfortable with your therapist. You can share even the deepest information comfortably.

It is important to know that, from a technological standpoint, telepsychology offers a high level of security and confidentiality. Communications held between therapists and clients should remain fully encrypted. This ensures clients’ secrets remain confidential and can’t leak by any means.

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