Living An Independent Lifestyle in an Assisted Living Facility


People’s life expectancy is increasing. In addition, many want to grow old at home and, to a large extent, lead an independent and autonomous life, despite the need for some support and care. Older people are still at risk of a domestic accident: if you live alone and an emergency arises, every minute that passes until help arrives is crucial, especially if you are sick. Good quality of life is also important to aging and that is why assisted living solutions might be necessary.

Independence and Privacy

Small details can become very important to a person’s sense of independence and privacy. For example, the ability to lock the door set the temperature in the bedroom, change seats at the dining room table, or have guests over to sleep helps reinforce the feeling of freedom and independence. If there are noticeable changes to your loved one’s appearance such as excessive weight loss and having the same clothes on for days or not taking a bath every day; dirty hair or sadness and anxiety, then it is time to consider a Jacksonville Florida assisted living facility.

Taking Care of the Elderly

In addition to taking care of the elderly, the assisted living facility offers them an easier daily life, so that they do not have to worry about its operation. In most facilities, the kitchen and other appliances turn off automatically and if, for example, the person forgets a pot on the fire, the fire turns off automatically, thanks to the sensors installed, avoiding possible incidents and even fires.

Adapting to Technology

Each assisted living solution offered is unique, as it adapts to the distribution and requirements of the facility. During the first weeks, the technology adapts to the habits and needs of the resident, and, in this way; the necessary adjustments are made to guarantee the highest level of security.

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