Tips for Finding the Right Physical Therapist


If you are injured or have surgery, you may need help getting back to your normal routine. Therefore, your doctor will probably prescribe some type of physical therapy. However, your physical therapist Beaverton OR can help you heal faster or cause further harm to your body. Therefore, you need the right professional.

Tips for Finding the Right Physical Therapist

Check With Your Insurance

Your first step will probably be checking with your insurance to determine what clinics they will pay for. Physical therapy clinics typically have several therapists, so even if you are limited to a specific clinic, you may still choose among several professionals.

Ask About Certifications and Experience

Choose a licensed physical therapist, and ask about their degrees. These individuals should have received a degree from an accredited physical therapy program and completed their licensing exam. Some individuals have specialization certificates. For example, you may find a therapist who specializes in back injuries or knee injuries.

Learn about their experience. How long have they been licensed, how long have they worked in a specific clinic, and what is their track record for reinjury? You should also know how many current patients they are seeing so you know whether they have the time and resources to truly help you. Ask for and check their references.

Evaluate Compatibility and Comfort

You should feel comfortable with your physical therapist. This person will guide you through some difficult times. You may get discouraged or have difficulties with your exercises, and your therapist should offer strong support. However, if you are uncomfortable with the person, you may not be honest about what you are feeling or thinking. Compatibility and rapport are necessary.

Seek Referrals

You may have family, friends or peers who have undergone physical therapy recently. Ask about their experiences. You may also discuss your options with your physician.

If you are injured or have had surgery, find the best physical therapist available.

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