Common Procedures General Dentists Perform


Common Procedures General Dentists Perform

A general dentist can perform a wide range of procedures, from preventative or corrective procedures. These are five of the most common dental treatments Skippack PA dentists offer.


A dentist paints a fluoride varnish on a patient’s teeth or fills a mouth tray with fluoride in the form of a gel or foam that the patient keeps in the mouth for a few minutes. The fluoride treatment strengthens the tooth enamel of patients prone to cavities.


Cavities result when a tooth’s outer layer of enamel breaks down due to decay. Dentists treat cavities by drilling away the diseased portion of a tooth and filling it with artificial material to strengthen it. Dentists can perform fillings during a single visit, and they can last for a lifetime.

Root Canal

When bacteria infect a tooth’s pulp, a dentist can perform a root canal procedure. The dentist removes the root and seals the pulp chamber to prevent more bacteria from entering. General dentists frequently perform this procedure on teeth that have simple root systems.


Crowns fit over natural teeth and are a standard treatment used to support teeth that are not strong enough on their own. Dental crowns can also have cosmetic applications when they restore the appearance of teeth damaged following chips, cracks or breaks. Dental crowns require at least two cental visits and consist of various materials, though porcelain and enamel in colors resembling surrounding teeth are most popular.


Most general dentists can extract problematic natural teeth existing above the gum line when they are not salvageable. A dentist might perform extractions of teeth that crowd and compromise other teeth or when advanced decay makes it impossible to salvage a tooth.

Your best ally for preventative dental care is a general dentist who can also offer restorative treatments when you need them.

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