A Diet High in Omega-3s And Low in Cholesterol Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease


A Diet High in Omega-3s And Low in Cholesterol Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease – High carbohydrate meals can be the major cause of enhancing the degrees of your VLDL cholesterol. Very low density cholesterol (VLDL) must be controlled comprehensively else it might bring about coronary artery disease and this is called hardening with the arteries. Coronary artery disease can further result in a cardiac event or stroke.

Eating is very important for survival but overeating risks it. Therefore it is far better to take food in considerable amount healthy enough in order to meet what’s needed from the body. Our body needs food which is counted when it comes to calories. These calories produce energy, but way over these are transformed into fats which is harmful for anyone. These fats can pose several serious medical problems like congenial heart and overweight. Thus, unhealthy food habits are equal to risking life.

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