3 Reasons To See a Podiatrist


Taking care of your body is important. In addition to your primary care physician, you probably see specialists for your eyes, teeth, and more. What you might not realize is that you should be taking as much care of the bottom of your body as you do the top. There are a number of reasons it may be time for you to see a podiatrist.

3 Reasons To See a Podiatrist

1. You’ve Taken Up Running

Running is an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight, keep your heart healthy, and even gain some mental clarity. Without the proper care, though, running can do serious damage to your feet or even lead to the need for ankle surgery Harrisonburg VA. Seeing a podiatrist is important for determining whether you’re prone to certain problems, such as shin splints. He or she can help you create strategies to stay safe while you run and even recommend the right type of athletic shoes for your body and running style.

2. You Have a Common But Chronic Foot Ailment

Even if you don’t run, your feet deserve some TLC. Walking in tight work shoes all day, spending a lot of time barefoot, or dealing with genetic issues such as flat feet could leave you in a lot of pain. A podiatrist can diagnose a range of foot problems, such as ingrown toenails, warts, heel spurs, and more, and then work with you to determine a course of treatment.

3. You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, the nerves in your body can become damaged. Most often, diabetic neuropathy affects your legs and feet. You may feel numb, have pain in the feet, or even receive injuries that you don’t notice, such as cuts. Seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis in combination with managing your blood sugar levels can help you to keep both feet healthy, free of pain, and safe from infection.

When choosing a podiatrist, look for someone who is board-certified, has a strong reputation in the community, and is willing to address the questions and concerns you have about staying on your own two feet.

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