3 Habits That Will Make You Feel Better Today


3 Habits That Will Make You Feel Better Today

Are you more tired than usual or having new aches and pains? Making changes to your lifestyle to improve your health can seem like a daunting task. It’s true that long-term programs require commitment. However, there are things you can do right now to feel great and start you on your journey. Consider getting checked out by an internal medicine Folsom CA doctor to benchmark key indicators like blood pressure and weight, and then incorporate a few sensible behaviors into your everyday life.

1. Eat Balanced Meals

Whether cooking at home or eating on the go, make sure to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Have some lean protein, too. Limit fats and sugars. They may make you feel good for a little while, but in the long run, they can make you sluggish. Find new recipes online to try.

2. Get Proper Sleep

You have a busy life full of work, family, and other activities. However, recharging is essential to functioning at your best. Research how much rest is appropriate for your age and try to hit that goal. Keep your sleeping area reserved for just that and make sure it is comfortable, including having the temperature you prefer for sleep. You’ll be surprised at how much more energized you feel. You might not even need that morning coffee!

3. Take a Walk

Exercise is important to our bodies and minds. You don’t have to go overboard at the gym to see results, though. A walk with friends or other light to moderate activity can get your blood pumping, clear your mind, and prepare you to take on life’s next challenge.

Keep a log of your meals, sleep, and exercise. Share it with your doctor. You’ll likely be feeling better with just a few small changes, and a plan for the future can keep that momentum going. 

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