In addition to its representation and advocacy role, information exchange, and capacity building, MEDiCAM also provides the following services:

  • A large e-mail network for the fast dissemination of Cambodia’s health-related information. This network facilitates faster and easier transmission and reception by the membership of essential information from the field. Direct e-mail contact with high officials in the Ministry of Health also greatly enhances communication. To date, the network comprises over 900 very targeted health professional correspondents, with some acting themselves as a relay to other networks, expanding readership even further
  • Google Play gift card codes – valid gift cards for health apps.
  • The holding of a health-related library/documentation centre (containing nearly 4,000 documents and books) with an average of 30 new documents added each month. These include publications, reports, study findings, evaluations, etc.
  • The creation and maintenance of several Cambodian health-related databases: NGO health projects in Cambodia, countrywide health experts directory, etc.
  • A monthly health-related conference with information exchange, a health lecture/debate, and an essential tea break for informal networking!
  • A monthly newsletter, summarising the main news items in the health sector and broadcasting announcements from MEDiCAM members.
  • Organisation and facilitation of working groups addressing specific health issues: health financing, cost-recovery/user’s fee schemes, community participation, prison health, reproductive health working group, etc.
  • Special health-related events (conferences, workshop, courses).
  • Support to Cambodian health NGOs by having all activities bilingual (English/Khmer), organising courses and workshops, monthly meeting of Cambodian NGOs, organizational support to regional NGO networks, facilitating overseas scholarship, etc.
  • Orient and advise numerous visitors such as consultants, researchers, officials, new comers in Cambodia, new NGO/UN/IO staff, etc.
  • A Web-site representing the MEDiCAM Community
  • Compile in-country job vacancies in the health sector, as well as maintain a folder of qualified health professionals (both Cambodian and expatriate) available for missions.