Membership Information

Full Membership

FULL membership in MEDiCAM is open to all non-profit associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the health sector in Cambodia. Also members get free gift card codes for Google Play and iTunes stores.

ASSOCIATE membership

ASSOCIATE membership is open to all international, bilateral organizations, UN agencies as well as institutes involved or interested in the health sector in Cambodia whose own Charter qualify them for FULL membership

OBSERVER membership

OBSERVER membership is for individuals who are not working for a health program, but who are interested in the health sector and wish to participate in and benefit from all MEDiCAM activities. Observers cannot be Staff of Institutions, International Organizations or NGOs active in the Health sector in Cambodia (as this implies other membership). OBSERVERS have no voting rights.(Fixed fee is US$53. – plus average postage cost if abroad).

The Membership Fees:

If your budget in US$ Membership Fee in US$
if your budget is >1,350,000 $3,000
35,000< Your Budget < 1,349,999 Your Budget multiplied by 0.00225
Your Budget is <34,999 $ 55
Observer(any individual not working for a health program in Cambodia) $ 75
If you wish to receive MEDiNEWS at on overseas address, please add $24 to your membership fee for mailing

Important Note:

Please, note that MEDICAM is a membership organization. As such, a minimum amount of participation is required from members. This participation may take several forms, such as, attending the monthly meeting, actively participating in Discussion/Working Groups, responding to survey questionnaires, sending to MEDICAM documents of interest, sharing information, etc

Please, note also the three following tasks are mandatory for all members:

  • Once a year: Respond to the yearly MEDiCAM NGO mapping questionnaire (What health projects do you run and where?). It is a quick and “filler-friendly” questionnaire.
  • Once a year: Respond to the Medicam Position Paper Questionnaire (What do you think of the health sector reform progress?)
  • Applicants are invited to read, approve and sign the Medicam Charter before applying

Finally, note also that MEDiCAM communicates extensively by E-mail. It actually shares most of its information through its electronic network. We therefore strongly recommend organizations that do not have an E-mail account to open one before subscribing to MEDiCAM, So they can benefit the most from the network

To receive the Membership Form simply click here to download