MEDiNEWS is the primary mechanism for information exchange for MEDiCAM within Cambodia. MEDiNEWS is published monthly and contains articles dealing with the current issues in the Cambodian health system and facing the country’s health sector. The magazine’s target audience includes health professionals, development partners, policy makers and health managers throughout the country; it is not designed for the general population.

The ‘focus on’ section covers the current hot topics for heath sector development. Also included are donor and agency news, regional events, health issues and government events. We publish the minutes of the Technical Working Group for Health and also include all the latest health documents released in Cambodia. We continue to encourage members and partners to submit articles for the magazine and have included a variety of partner and member pieces in 2007.

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Focus On topics in 2007 included: Tobacco Deaths in Cambodia, Traffic Accidents and Road deaths in Cambodia, Counterfeit and substandard medicines are killers, MEDiCAM position paper, HIV prevalence still high among Most At Risk Population, Hospitals overwhelmed with Dengue Hemorrhagic fever patients, TB/HIV collaboration activities in rural Cambodia, Poor Hygiene and sanitation affecting poor communities, NGOs experiences in responding to the Dengue outbreak, The international health compact.

The readership of MEDiNEWs continues to cover a cross section of the Cambodian health sector, in 2007 it was distributed to 124 fully paid members, 69 in the ministry of health, 18 to other ministries (such as MoEYS, MoWA etc), 70 to PNCB project in the regional offices, 91 to PHDs, 6 others to JICA, Japan Embassy, Open forum of Cambodia, radio free Asia and CCC, 30 copies are for staff and the library at MEDiCAM.